Friday, August 20, 2010

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VERY IMPORTANT ‘Save the Date’ announcement:

Monday August 23, 2010 Time 11:00 AM CONFIRMED

Several Cuthbertson families have been working very hard to forward efforts in next steps to officially oppose the Union County Alternative to Long-Term Suspension Program proposed to be located at Cuthbertson High school.

After many days of research and an initial financial expenditure, a request for a legal injunction has been filed with Union County Superior Court to ask that the court bring pause to the action by UCPS to bring the UCPSALTSP to CHS. As a parallel action, a request for appeal of Supt. Davis’ decision and a hearing has also been filed with UCPS Board of Education.

We are very optimistic that these actions will bring legal authority to interpret whether UCPS violated NC Statutory Law and their own policy, while also allowing the UCPS Board of Education to examine the process by which Dr. Davis made his decision.

On Monday August 23, 2010 at 11:00 AM, a Union County Superior Court Judge will hear our motion. The Union County Courthouse address is 400 North Main Street, Monroe, NC 28112.

It is very important that we “fill the room”.

The daytime hour may present challenges for many with work schedules, but please make every effort possible to be present in the courtroom. Many have suggested attending in groups, carpooling, and meeting as a group outside the courthouse. Please check with neighbors and friends to find best ways of showing ‘a presence’ by Cuthbertson families. We are in this together and need to keep our support system strong! Small numbers can equal small interest in the judge’s eyes. Please let’s not allow that to happen.